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Reviews for "EVolution-pilot"

this is genious

great job cant wait for next episode, also yes i saw the awesome face in the first one.


I had really loved Beauty is Humanity, and now I can bask in the glory that is becoming Human Ages ^^ I love the idea of how we will continue to evolve, which isn't too far-fetched of a theory when you think about it. The humor was also good, and didn't seem to grow old for me. The Flux Capacitor was definitely an LOL moment. Props man

really cool!

can't wait for more!

plus i lol'd at the back to the future reference


Awesome idea and I'm glad to see something that follows upp from the short Beautiy is Humanity and I just thought I'd point this out, in the beginning it says 1002010, the author comment says it's 1002008 xD

EVanimations responds:

the stock market crash took place 2 years earlier.


hey thats cheating