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Reviews for "EVolution-pilot"

Smooth & Good!

The animation was very good, awesome graphics, cool effects. Good work!

Nicely done

Graphics were great, the music fit perfectly, the color scheme was well thought out.

My only grievance is the voice acting, but I understand that this was a pilot. The voices were too high of a level and white lined at certain places which caused the static like sound, being a voice actor/radio host it's something that bugs me. If you need any help with sound levels or voice actors let me know and I will be more than happy to help.

Great job otherwise.

My eye will be on you

I'll be waiting on the next one :D


I see potential in this. 10/10

And to make sure no one mistakes this as spam, I'll just say this: Maybe you can dive into some moral and ethical dilemmas without going into major detail, like time travel and Eugenics (molding our species to suite the new environment, space) as a back story plot of some sort, as the series I'm guessing will be mostly entertainment and comedy.

Again, great job, though, I know the whole welfare thing was a joke, but I think that kind of stuff would be gone by the time we go into a Type 3 civilization.

Just saying.

EVanimations responds:

thats the idea.

the morality of the Grey people is the joke. they are cold, logical, and indifferent to suffering and therefore eugenics would be an accepted practice.
also they have no problem with cultivating alien squid larvae in each others bloodstream.

also i think civilization should be divided into more than three categories XD
the Grey people society are of tier10: Godly civilization.

anyway, most of the humor will be based on principles of the Grey's ethics that we would nowadays find taboo. Also there are jokes on aspects of modern society that annoy me and medieval religion.

"that was a waste of time..." lol great flash

@Dee-H: dude i'm totally with you! i've always liked to think that aliens were us from the future! epic flash awaiting more :) i like it.

and yes i highly doubt we'll change that much, even with technology to help change us.