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Reviews for "EVolution-pilot"


Love it, lol originality in the date XD 1002008

Love it!

At first I saw the beauty is humanity and was like "WOW!", now I watch this and I'm like "Holy F***in S***!" lol good story, good voice acting, and overall good animation.

5/5 10/10


I was gonna say this on the first part, but it's one post per game. Believe it or not, we humans are the most beautiful creatures. And the part about the aliens really fits in. I wish I was born in the future. Anyway, time to talk about this game. This game is brilliant, and I liked how you decided to create two more humans after 'Homo Sapien'. We started as sea creatures, and we might turn into aliens! Yay! I really want to be in the future so I can see this evolution.

Looks great!

The animation in this just looks so freaking cool and I like the premise/plot of it as well. It is just so sweet to see those big shots of the city overhead. I like the idea of humans going to other planets in the feature and then becoming like the aliens they meet on the planets. There was also a nice sense of humor to this. It took me awhile to understand what was going on with the "Play" button in the beginning. I can understand why it won Review Crew Pick and why it has such a high score!

really cool!

can't wait for more!

plus i lol'd at the back to the future reference