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Reviews for "EVolution-pilot"


space got boaring so the got a time machine

im really looking forward to this as a series.

incredible and well done, especially for a pilot. i want more. that is all.

wow that was cool

i can't wait until another one!!!!!


Awesome idea and I'm glad to see something that follows upp from the short Beautiy is Humanity and I just thought I'd point this out, in the beginning it says 1002010, the author comment says it's 1002008 xD

EVanimations responds:

the stock market crash took place 2 years earlier.

Can't Wait

Very clever idea, and can't wait for more. Its a shame that lazy ass animations of which I'm sure you're already aware of make front page and things like this get 4th place. Another example of newgrounds homoeroticness shining brightly. Keep it up and don't let the douchebagedness that is the rating scale here put you off.

EVanimations responds:

<stares at age of defense 3 preview> --_--