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Reviews for "EVolution-pilot"

age of war ftw!

as cool as it seems... time manipulation is impossible going back into time. However forward is possible to achieve.

EVanimations responds:

WORMHOLES explain away the plot holes!!! :D

Looks interesting.

I really enjoyed that. What first caught me would've been the humour. Then, the really plot surrounding the world you conceived.

The visuals were really great, but they seemed a little bit choppy at points (like when panning across the city).

I really hope you do continue with this. It looks like it has some potential for being really interesting.


I liked the concept, but I felt the concept was too far ahead of your animating/art ability for it to really be excecuted. Plus, the voice acting was a tad.. strange.

Try looking into photoshop art tutorials- even though the flash tools are different, you can learn about which colours work together and which clash. I'd also avoid using the line tool for backgrounds unless you're going into incredible detail.

EVanimations responds:

yes, i realize that purple and green clash. that's why i chose them... nobody said the future had to be pretty.

also this video's 10 months old. i assume you've seen my new flash with my improved style...?


it wasn't entertaining to me.. I didn't really like the art and the designs.. and the concept is kind of boring - even the voices... but you put a lot of effort in it.. so 5/5

So so

Well, the story wasn't bad but I wasn't too impressed with the animation or the art. Not to say that it won't get better, but I really wasn't entertained with this one. Sorry bud, its.....NORMAL! *bum bum bummmmmmmm*