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Reviews for "EVolution-pilot"

Great Scott!

I love the whole concept, the design is very nice, the jokes are Hilarious. Can't wait for the Ep. 2.


Why do i always miss the last few words?

beuty is furonity

highlarious video

good work

Nice ending!

I like it, i referenced back to your newest animation and i could see improvement, but i'm not exactly worried about the animation quality anyways, and the voice acting is unique. I like the plot you're going towards, mostly though i like the eyes and expressions; they make me think of invader zim (although i guess the whole space society makes me think of invader zim as well). Can't wait for your next episode!

looks promising

having only seen this one (plus beauty is humanity) it looks promising, gonna try the first ep and keep watching.

like the humor and characterization.

about justjohn123, it's limited thinking like that that holds us back as a race. and this is the most ridiculous place to state your beliefs about the real world possibilities of science fiction concepts.