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Reviews for "EVolution-pilot"

Hilariously awesome!

I love this animation. It shows that even after a million years, and even though our appearance may change, deep down inside we are still human, and we act human. This has a lot of potential.

god i loved this!

the animation was fantastic but it may of needed a few more frames for less jerkyness. loved the storyline and cant wait for more

awsome but

its realy cool and intesting but will there be more, because i would love wacthing him going throuh time and meeting poeple. It would be a good kinda of show, please write back and I'll probley be one of first to watch the 2nd episode. "10 *'s"

EVanimations responds:

there'll be 3 new characters introduced in the next one (including the computer), which will make it 3 times as interesting. yeh.
also, in the more immediate future you will see a platform shooter game.


I like the animation and everything,but whaddabout....females?

EVanimations responds:

they 're androgynous. the only way to tell females apart from males are that they wear short tunics instead of high collars and their shoulder thingies aren't as pointy.

Very interesting!

This looks really promising! Although visiting places in OUR current past (medieval times, cavemen era, 1960's, etc.) has been done a LOT, I think it would be extremely interesting to see what you could do with the eras that take place in our future, and even visiting our time period right now.

I hope you keep making these, they're really entertaining!