Reviews for "Columbine Massacre Collab"

A truly enlightening story

I wonder how long til Kkop forgets about this and instead uses the extra time to masturbate to virgin tentacle rape?

Most of it could have been done better, in honesty. There were a lot of surreal messages being portrayed, but not in an appealing way. Be offensive as hell, but no one's going to listen to you if you look/sound/smell like a retard.

In conclusion, the only reason I knew this existed was due to Catoblepas' involvement.

PowerRangerYELLOW responds:

I agree it could have been better and it's overall quality is not acceptable because i had more than enough time to prepare.

I actually had cels made from plastic baggies to be used in my part but i generally nothing turned out the way i planned it and my computer crashed before columbine day happened.

ehhhh i gotta say

this really sucked animation quality and all that and i agree that you made some good points, while some others werent so good though i do respect you for making this especially because it pisses off overly sensitive pricks like kklop sure the contents objectionable to some but at the same time so was the holocoust and thats fucking rammed down our throats, and has a shit load of frankly hilarious jokes attatched but i digress

I really wanted to love this, the reason why the newgrounds community has always held a special place in my heart is because it has historically been good at making conservative viewers with sticks up their butts angry by making fun of everything and not caring.
But, unfortunately, there was not a whole lot of effort put into most of the submissions of this collab and it shows. The submission in the fifth locker to the left stands out the most, because it's apparent the most effort was put into it. That's another problem, the text for all the buttons in this collab are all sideways and done in a hard to read font, so I can't tell who did what.

I liked it, but I just wish you guys made more of an attempt to not only offend, but make quality flash animations.


Animation was crap, and it lagged real bad.

Mostly crap, a few good ones.

Intro and menu - Definitely okay, aside from barely being able to read the names. I like the cartoon on the menu too.

Joeypwnsjoo - Terrible animation, sound, and plot, but watchable.

Cum - Amusing for the first few seconds, then it's just repetitive. Music is terrible.

Flee - Aside from "Hot damn I love playing doom", nothing salvageable.

Zacid - Shouldn't be on Newgrounds, It should be on Youtube,

Viperstudios - Very poor animation and voices, but quite amusing.

Stiff - I actually like this. It has a rewarding payoff, and the art style and Conker's Bad Fur Day music make it all the better.

Joeybang - Honestly, the animation is ok, but the music makes it nearly unwatchable.

Catoblepas - Definitely the best animation, and my favorite out of the lot. the music gets a bit annoying, though.

Squeef - It doesn't look good at the start, then It gets good with the art style and the music, but then you went and killed it with the I'M GAY and transition to a silent loop of the first scene from Flee's flash.

Newshape - Crap. Aside from the relation to the NG portal, absolutely crap.

Robinholmgrim/Kelch - Honestly, this was so bad that I couldn't even watch the whole thing.

In general, this collab is stupid. There are a few good flashes in there, but it's mostly garbage. 4/10, 2 vote.