Reviews for "Columbine Massacre Collab"

A heavy punch

and like the other heavy( and that was the heavier i've ever seen for now) hits posted , it's fated to be hidden in the darkest depths of the site.But you already knew it.

Glad this baby was resubmitted

However, yee did miss out my one.. consider re-uploading? ;)

PowerRangerYELLOW responds:

I'm typing this reponse from a public computer.

My computer crashed a few days ago and the very second the computer is all fixed i will get to work on updating the menu, preloader and adding any parts made by people who sent in there parts late.

Thank you.

By the way i'm typing this from a public library's computer.


I rly feel bad...

but ..this is...kinda awesome...idk why...

I'm concerned.

Okay so was that meant to be satire? Or are you guys really serious about them being heroes and shit? As for the flash themselves, they seemed really repetitive and dull. One plus side was the fact that it took a lot of guts to post something like this, especially if it was from last year.

PowerRangerYELLOW responds:

We geniunely feel that eric and dylan were only misunderstood and if we have taken the time to understand them.

Than we would realize just how awesome school shootings are.

This is the meaning of life

Truly a masterpiece.