Reviews for "Columbine Massacre Collab"


Hella funny
Nice music
Funny flashes


funny, but mostly dumb

i only liked "There Goes my Hero" and "ya know wat today is? hitler's b-day? better. smoking weed day? better! then what? COLUMBINE DAY, MAN!!!!"


Well, I hope that you were kidding about the whole them being heroes thing. I mean, I understand them being misunderstood, but no matter what justification they had, they were not saving the world and they most definitely were taking the lives of innocents without just cause, making them illogical douchebag murderers who should've taken the lives of their last victims first, if you know what I mean... I understand finding humor in dark and disturbing places, but you guys better not seriously support these douchebags. And If you're gonna respond with some stupid "Oh, we totally support them. They're awesome and our heroes" don't do it, because that's fucking stupid even for a laugh.

Also, almost all of the flashes were terrible and not even funny. It had moments, but seriously, if you're gonna make fun of something like this, do it right.


glad its finally back up

glad i contributed

great collab

School Shooting

I loved the Catoblepas' part. So colorful, so joyful, reminds me of a party, and that dynamic animation. I love it. Few others were good too, made me giggle. I see that 2 of movies lead directly to other artist's movies. I don't know if it was planned, but i think it's no use in here. I hope your computer gets fixed soon, and you will add the back to menu buttons, and fix all other stuff.