Reviews for "Zero Level"

sub loves it :)

Hi Syntrus

Ok First off I gotta say, I streamed this first, then I read your description. I was intrigued to test your claim "a subwoofers best friend"

Yup more than true, my sub absolutely freaking loved it, I can feel...erm... I mean Hear...Hear/Feel it now.

It's a pumping tune, I just saved this review for after the download.

Yeah great piece, I love it, I'm more than happy with this for inclusion.

Keep 'em coming man!

5/5 and a download too :)

Peace Out!


Syntrus responds:

heh thx man


Wow This Was Awesome man i really enjoyed it

Syntrus responds:

Thank you for your review Glad you liked it : )


DAMN!!! if u got tom fulp to put this as the song on the main menu you must really be a good DJ songmixer =D

Syntrus responds:

Thx dude i'm glad you liked it


Short an sweet, lol.

sounds like braaaaaawwwooooorrroooooooawoooooo lol

lol you are really a kewl guy i admire how you write a authors response on everyones comment very cool and this song is really sexy lol

Syntrus responds:

Damn straight this song is sexy i rmxed its not as good. But thx for the review!