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Reviews for "Newgrounds Radio"

Very Nice

A nice program that does everything it is supposed to do and nicely at that.
My only downside (and the reason I will not use it over other NG radio apps) is that it has no option to turn off visualizations. It's for music... I do not intend to watch it and it eats half a CPU core on its simplest visualization.

random song XD



428459 so funny ty bga4eve10

For Ojamajo Doremi Fans

The following is for you if you're an Ojamajo Doremi fan:
Type "428459" (no quotation marks) into the NGAP ID bar.
You're listening to "Na-i-sho Yo!"!!!

The best gadget ever programmed !...

This gadget is the better gadget that I never use on my life!
I strongly suggest you to download the Desktop NGR, it is even cool.

Ce gadget est le meilleur gadget que je n'est jamais utillisé de ma vie !
Je vous suggère de télécharger le "NGR Desktop", il est encore plus cool.

Este gadget es el mejor gadget que uso no autorizado de mi vida!
Yo sugiero que descargar el "NGR de escritorio", es aún más fresco.