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Reviews for "Newgrounds Radio"

I like it

Nice to see it works. Also you can go to the page to where to song is at and rate it to. Also the favorite button works but it dose not add it to your user page though. Any ways ill give it 4/5.

Great Application

This is an amazing flash that works well even with a below-average internet connection. There is a good mix of visualisers and they all appear aesthetically pleasing. Songs load quickly and come out clear. Regarding all this, however, there is an issue I found with this, and one suggestion.

The issue is regarding the song length. I am aware that this application loads the music while it's playing, but the song length changes while it is loading, which affects the bar next to it. Is it possible for you to try and pre-load the song length before it plays, then have how much of it has loaded in a different colour (a darker blue, for example) on the bar.

My suggestion is to insert a section to restrict the types of songs that are chosen. Some people would like to listen to certain types of music, and others want to listen to more popular music. With customisable restrictions on rating and type, these types of people will become satisfied with the selections of music a lot more.