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Reviews for "Newgrounds Radio"

Wayyyy Glitchy

Whenever I Use The Random Song Button It Says Loading by Loading... And Never Stops Saying It And It Does The Same Thing With Most of My Songs Please Fix It

Love it

I'm a flash artist who's always looking through the music archive for good stuff, but it's always so 'hands on' - this is exactly what I've been looking for. There are other Radio style programs out there, but this works so much better than them. I've been using it for two days straight now.

When it says 'Add To Favorites' does that properly add the music to ones personal favorites page? Or does it simply add it to the in-house playlist? If it's the second, may I suggest changing the wording to 'Add to Playlist'. I'm afraid to touch it at the moment.

Suggested Trivial Improvements:
- A back button, in case one accidentally skips forward
- The ability to rate the music (more helpful for the
- Ability to see description of music for context (even instead of a visualiser)

Super Important Improvements:
- I would absolutely fall in love with this program if you somehow added a 'More By This Artist' button, where it limits it to just the current artist's works.

I mean, here I am enjoying this song 'Celtic Celebrations', and I'm like "I'd love to listen to more by whoever this is - but alas, I only have a Randomize button at my disposal. Oh well..."

I don't know how hard that is to implement, but - I mean, you're already a legend in my books, but this would shoot you to historic level epicness.


dude, nice job on this one and yeah it works now i don't understand the internet here....... also your gonna lend me heavy rain and mgs4. It's cool cause like no ones done something like this and you did it good.

Archawn responds:

Interesting review...


It's a great way to make a playlist of your favorite newgrounds song without having to go through the hassle of downloading each song. I am very pleased to see someone doing something good with ActionScript.

When Flash CS5 comes out, please promise you will publish this as an iPhone/iPod app. :)

Archawn responds:

1) CS5 is already out
2) iPhone production is now useless because Apple is mean

I am porting it to Adobe AIR though.

Very good

This is an amazing Flash, but I do wish:

-There were some music filters (Filtering inappropriate content or a certain music genre.
-The visualizer could be fixed because it isn't working.
-There should be a genre search

Overall, this is an amazing flash. It would be great if this was available on iPod Touch. Keep up the good work!