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Reviews for "Newgrounds Radio"


This is one of the most useful submissions that i've found on newgrounds. It's a great way to find some music to listen to when you don't want to find anything specific. It will also become very useful for me since I will probably use this to find audio submissions to review since there are links to go to that songs specific page.


Thanks a lot. man! Great idea and it's really fun to randomize!

A few suggestions -
- Visualizer on/off.
- Search artist? If you can do it...
- Themes (aka colours, not very important but nifty)
- Some ratings or/and description of the song.


very useful, no more to say ...

10/10 5/5


Amazing, this is one of the most useful tools on newgrounds, definately faved so I can see this later when NO ONE IN THE WORLD REMEMBERES HAHHAHA.


finally a game that can help you find music for your flash!