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Reviews for "Newgrounds Radio"


A nifty tool for discovering some new music, but needs an option to screen certain types of music. You're doomed if you don't care for techno.

I like it

good job but im having the same problem with Archon68

Archawn responds:

Haha, It's not a problem. It plays my song first for a reason. Just click "Randomize" if you want a different song.

Job very well done

Something I've thought of making for ages, but never had the know hoe. You did a brilliant job. I can only suggest a genre search option. That would make it much, much better.

Oh noes!

While the radio idea has been done before, this was definitely a new take to it, which was nice. It's good to see a new take on it, but unfortunately, there is one feature that this is lacking that a previous popular radio flash submission had.

Downloading it.

Simply put, I can't keep Mozilla Firefox open to use this, as I do not have a high-end enough of a computer to allow myself to listen to both NG music and play the games I want to play NG music with. A previous radio flash submission allowed such a feature, allowing me to have less of a problem with running the radio program and this at the same time. (Reason why I keep referring it that way is because I forgot the name of the NG radio flash submission)

If you had that feature put into this so that I could download it onto my laptop and allow myself to listen to it without having to go on my web browser, that would definitely earn the 10 starts that this deserves.

Other than that though, great job!


Very very good! I never realized what we had here until now!