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Reviews for "Newgrounds Radio"


I found my uploaded songs. Here are their IDs:

this is great!

but it would be more great if you could make the flash read out the genre, and even more great if you could program it so that we could select a genre and it only plays songs of that genre.

Archawn responds:

I'd need to set up some kind of server to do that. Genre info isn't stored in the audio file that I use to get the song's title, author, etc. Sorry!


I really don't like it at all
all ppl who lissen my music they only download it ....
they don't leave commen'ts and don't rate it anymore,,, and i don't get view's.

so all i want to say that radio should be change or just take off all my music.
i don't agree my music is shared like that.
So Hell no!

Archawn responds:

Remove your music from Newgrounds then.

By submitting it to Newgrounds you agree that it can be used by whoever wants to use it, free of charge. I credit you as an author and even link to the page of the submission so people can comment and vote on it.

I have no control over whether people vote on or review your work. That is their decision.

As stated on the "Submit Your Audio" page:

"By uploading your own creations, you are providing an invaluable service to Flash authors worldwide. Your loops and music will enter the "NG public domain", meaning anyone is welcome to use your audio in their Flash creations free of charge."

Simply the best

Better then all the rest :p

This is the most useful thing to hit new grounds in the history of ever.

NG Radios are awesome.

I love listening to unknown music in this site!