Reviews for "Girlchan in Paradise Ep3"

Good job

Ok - the whole argument of the voice actor dying or not was the highlight of this.

I look forward to more.

Egoraptor responds:

thanks bro


Bloody hell...it is soo...random and crazy....i just can't stop watching it.
And the animation is epic as always :D

The best one. Yes.

I just realized that Swirly Glasses's butt is on his front.

One of the best things ive seen in a while

This is perfect. I just don't know why people are not understanding that the lip movements are meant to be like that. Everything in this flash jokes about the annoying things that most anime tend to do. This is probably what makes it so funny to most people. 5/5


i only wrote this review to change the review total from 1234 to 1235