Reviews for "Girlchan in Paradise Ep3"

Sooner or later i'm gonna go down to 1 IQ point... then die.


oh man these are just so funny . man,thats just sooooo cool how u make fun of those animes like zooming in and mouths out of sink >w< everyone going ahhh!!! haha this is great
ps. that "a haha haha" , is that like making fun of that dexter show =w= hehe

Amazing! I can feel myself getting stupider!

STAY IN SCHOOL or you will shoot yourself with an unloaded gun

It's a shame the intro got cut out of this one, but oh well, the rest of the episode was good. The humor was all very good, and this episode had some of the funniest moments yet.

Though, if the series ever gets to the episode mentioned and lacks a flashback in it, I'll be a bit disappointed. :n