Reviews for "Girlchan in Paradise Ep3"

Dammit I love this. I'm still laughing my ass off and I finished the video like a minute ago..

Why does he always fall down the stairs? also can't wait for episode 4. Assuming there will be one.

dub anime sucks tanks

Egoraptor... please. Listen to my request.
The fate of the world as we know it depends on it... and only you can help!
You must finish what you've started... GIRLCHAN MUST BE WHOLE!
Only then can she become what she was always meant to be... the mascot of a complete series.
She can then use her super duper bushido blasting powers that she never got from Swirly Glasses in that second and a half'th episode.
Please. Only you can save us. Only you... (end transmission)

egoraptor?more like,egorabandoned