Reviews for "Girlchan in Paradise Ep3"

Well, I guess that was good

It was humorous, but I really think you need to take a different direction with these flash cartoons, (not all of them in general, just the Girl-Chan series), it just seems that you could do so much better. I don't mean to be critical when I say this but, the series is kinda stupid. However, the animation is phenomenal and you should definitely keep Mr. Tomar over there; you guys make a great team.

Then that means that I can do this ..... BANG!!!

this is definately the best one yet
way to go
but don't forget to "stay in school"

Best anime parody

This is amazing. Definitely can't wait for episode 4.
This makes me laugh :D


o..kay kill them all

the most epic episode from girlchan so far

i like this shit ;O