Reviews for "Video Games Report"


this flash was ok but it got quiet boring after a wile so u got a 3

I didn't like the results, but data was correct

No video game player will ever admit the truth to this data but, There are some people who can handle violent games and not let it affect there attitude. The data was put together well although I am curious what the test actually was. Anywas good work

Flawed analysis; however, a good start.

A study like this is tempting to leave to raw data, but I'm sure that you realized you neglected the entire spectrum of human emontion. A good start, but the conclusion is flawed. Overally, I loved your style of presenting the data. Good work.

good, but not intirely true

theirs a huge factor that i think you may have intentionaly left out of the graph, that is where they live. someone who lives in a big city like chicago would be easer to agrovate than someone who lives in a quiet town. then theirs othe factors like minor personal trauma, like being made fun of in school or having to move from town to town. also aomeone, like me, from a small town would play more video games because theirs realy not much to do around town. also people like me and my friends spend a good amount of time playing video games after school then going outside and hang out but we can do this because our school has a very long lunch hour and we do homework either then or in class. lastly, their is the weather. not just rain bumping up video game time, but the weather conditions have been proven to effect emotions and thoughts of people. example; it looks stormy, so even though it will not rain, people will stay inside. also in the data you interviewed no one in the young teens that did not play high rated games.


Though the graphs didn't make much sense, this movie is the first of its kind that I have seen on NG. Good job. Entertaining from beginning to end and isn't that what flash animation is for these days?