Reviews for "Video Games Report"


I am like a mixture of both but joey reminds me of me old friend who i hate now named nick. and the first guy whose name i cant remeber which is kinda good cause I don't fell frightened by saying his name reminds me my friend jazz but she is kinda crazy cause she doesnt like technology except for computers.

But basiclly great "movie" i'm going to do the survey with my friends and some random people i met in the past but how do you get the anger?

Great Job...

You guys did an excellent job, but for some reason the "bibliography" section didn't work. It was also a tid bit on the dull side but it was very informative and you guys should deliver that data to your local or national news. I really enjoyed this piece.

This should be broadcasted on the news.

Thank you thank you thank you... you have saved news reporters countless hours of the whole theme of nerdy voiced reporters snuggling up to their microphones once again and telling us THEIR side of the story THEIR REVIEWS their $#%ing status reports. Whatever anyways i thank you for this greatly portrayed film peice. It is a peice of the pie that some people can finnaly take out of the pan.. anyways.. nice film.. liked it.. k thx...

I like

I'm happy that you did this, I hear on t.v and stuff that games can cause effects on teens but I never understood how.

lmfao funfunfunfufni

i loved the music in the final part...the menu was a littl confusing at first but i got after a few clix :-p i voterd 1 for violence cuz they were fighting in the end and u threat us too... i voted 5iven btw and gj keep up work