Reviews for "Video Games Report"


i totally agree with you on this, definatly peoples anger gets higher as they play more video games. and oh humantarget52 has this in his favorites. thats a good thing

Sir you are the luckiest man alive

You have Ht in your favorites...Well i take it back ht is the luckiest alive.


I liked it. The movie was so right with the game playing and stuff. DON'T PLAY GAMES 10 HOURS A DAY! OR MORE THAN EVEN 3 OR 4.

yeah, yeah. still dont care

hey hey hey hey HEY. You do NOT HAVE TO steal a car to get around. You can buy one. You don't have to get money by killing people. You can run errands. Drive a taxi. Deliver Pizza. Put out fires. Even be a policeman. Not all of your points hold up. Joey isnt a bad kid cause he plays games. Joey's a bad kid because he's messed up. He was wrong in the head in the first place. But VERY well presented.

Pong was not the first game ever made.

The first game ever made if you truly are a fan of video games you would know that the first video game system ever made is The Oscilliscope with the first video game ever made Tennis for two. Tennis for two is the predecessor of Pong