Reviews for "Video Games Report"

this was really cool

I enjoyed this

I really didn't learn anything.

So we know people who play angry games are angry people? I'm not sure how thats helpful. People who hit other people would probably score high on that chart too. Hey Mass Murderer, we did some testing on you and it turns out, your angry!

Honestly though, I do play violent games myself, online competetive games and I do get angry and swear at the computer screen. Am I an angry person? Maybe at the time, but put me into a social situation and I'm generally the goofy funny guy getting along with everyone. The large amount of games I play don't seem to impair my social skills.

The only real correlation I could see with games, is with grades. And I think there would have thought it wouldn't be tested up againts games rating, but rather the amount of time played. Obviously you can do only limited studying if your busy playing games all the time, doesn't matter what type.

Wonderful Flash, Horrible Argument.

I'm no expert but I did study this myself a lot. A lot of people with violent history in their family or any sort of family problems suppress and/or deny any of that to anyone even if they wont disclose the information about their family history. Now, I have played video games since I was 6 constantly. When I was 5 and under I was extremely violent. I threw so many fits and gave a lot of people cuts and bruises. When I was 6 and I played video games, my mental health really cleared up. I was smarter, more peaceful and I started being known as the smart one at school. Now to tell you I didnt play any E games and in fact the only games I own now are either T or M. Of course I didnt have any M games til about age 8 but I did have T i the beginning. Anyway, it was still a wonderfully put together flash so I'm gonna give you a 5.

Statistics and video games

First off, I like the idea of using Flash to submit the data and conclusion of your report. Great job.

However, your conclusion seems fishy to me. You draw a correlation between the number of hours of game play per week and the results of people taking an anger test. You imply that the cause of the anger is the playing of video games, but it could very well be the reverse.

Some people may play violent games because they themselves are violent people.

Take swearing for example. We could draw a relationship between someone who swears and someone who scores highly on an anger test. But does this mean that swearing causes anger? I doubt it. More than likely people who are prone to anger are also prone to swearing.

I hope this helps.

As with many flashes...

I am not ranking you low because you lack skills, but because your content was lacking. Your numbers were all over the place, and seemingly inconclusive. Sure, with more hours of playing video games anger went up, but you only had ONE control person who did not play any video games. YOur ages were grouped too close together. No accounting for race or gender. In the end, put DOWN your flash book, go to school yourself, and learn how to get representitive samples and survey properly.