Reviews for "Video Games Report"

This is actually an interesting subject.

Even though some people thought this was boring, compared to most it is but I get what your trying to say, and I thought it was really interesting. Even though your not getting a 10 your not getting low score by far, I give it an 8.


All of it is interesting. The facts, graphs and especially the backround information. I found the comparison between Ron and Joey funny, and the music too. Nice work on all that research you did.


i really liked how you proved a factual thing instead of a dumb as hell game where you shoot stuff. I hope for more studies.


its wasnt that great but i did seem like you put alot of work into it but the last peson who wrote a reveiw was kinda right but yeah next time maybe a lil better graphics and a better plot would be way better...


amazing flash... But why would an 83 year old person be doing flashes?

ps how do you make flashes? yes yes I know about it in the thing where it says submit content but it was way too long and I would just like a summary of what to do. And why r u in level 1 when you signed up since like 1999? Ima give this thing a 4. Fuck people who blammed it!!