Reviews for "Video Games Report"


I found that movie very informative, and I'm referring my friends to it.

How imformitive.

The only thing greater than this movie is you, OrangeClock.

Hmmm interesting

This is more of a report then a flash. Not much to say, Though i myself play about 25 hrs a week and usally play E-M esrb rated games,Now angry when you say Anger I refer this to the columbine shooters. Those two individuals had played doom to take out their frustration on the game due to the fact their school lives were interpretated as living hells. So I guess you could say they're grades were 0 and they're angry ratings broke 5 and went to 10 and thus they plotted the events of that tragic day. I myself don't find myseld to be an angry person and i've played many hours of Grandtheft auto(Grades aren't too bad).Well great job on converting a report into flash. Nice sprite use too.


yet another masterpeice.......but I play 20 hours a week at the most and i play game like legend of mana and air combat......but i still do bad in school and im not too angry although some times i get really pissed at some thing............like tricky


this is awesome i love the logic in it all...