Reviews for "Video Games Report"

so much lettering

i thought my eyes were gonna burn

nice but..

It was a good graph and study but... it would'nt let into the bibliography or whatever it's called. why?

very interesting...

but i disagree on some parts....first w/ joey and whats-his-face, you put tomuch attention on the ratings of the games affecting grades and social life, and attitude, but not anough on the amont of hours played. I play all sorts of games from Mario Kart to Halo, and i still make decent A- grades, and i play a 40-50 hours on a good week. come on, 70 hours is an absurd amount of weekly play. that's almost 9 hours a day...no wait, 10 hours! but even if it was in some sence logical to play that much, anyone could play an E rated games just as much, i played Paper Mario 64 6.5 hours straight once, luckly it was a saterday. Also, your graphs were incomplete, you only labled one side and didn't no what you were comparing things to side a bar going up to 100 in 10s...sry to be a downer, but, this could use help


Your report was very interesting, but had a few flaws from what I could tell.

First off your two example people did not quite "prove your point". Person A showed a player who enjoyed E rated games, played 10 hours a week, and got good grades while Person B showed a player who enjoyed M rated games, played 70 hours a week, and got poor grades. From what I could tell, you emphasized too much on the correlation of the rating of the game, and too little on the number of hours played.

70 hours a week is an absurd amount of time to play video games. For the math-impared... that's 10 hours a day. That sort of person obviously lacks any sort of self control in terms of his life, so it makes sense that he would get poor grades.

You did not adress the case of people who play 70 hours a week of E rated games. These sorts of players can be found playing MMORPGs or Sim games. I think if you could find another 10 hour a DAY, E rated game player you would find his grades to be poor too.


As far as the violence thing. You noted a correlation between violent video games and violent people... but did it occure to you that violent people enjoy violent video games? Seems logical to me.

very good job

this a great raw data report i jus hope it does not affect ur game buying expiernce jus becuase one person is like that doesn't mean everyone is i love play gta n i get great grades u can never judge a person jus by thier type of video games that they like