Reviews for "Video Games Report"

Not all true

This wasn't a great movie. Even if the statistics show that anger is caused by video games, like most statistics, they are probably irrelivent. You have to take into consideration, maybe stress is causing the anger and they are just playing the "violent" video games as some kind of release. These people you tested aren't angry at all times, perhaps you caught some of them at a bad time? Thats why these statistics most likely right, or wrong.


i think that to much game play is bad but moderation is ok and the types of games unless very young should have nothing to do with it. unless the game is oponialy objectifing such as you try and shoot children from people i mean come on thats just sick. oh i gave all zeros cuase im lazy so there not real

That wasnt that great, actually horrible

I dont really understand how it got this high of a score, but congradulations! This was a pretty good school project however. I hope you got what your batting average is as a gread ( A + ) The graphics were commendable, the sound was very nicely chosen and fit perfectly with the flash. Also keep in mind that it looks like you spent a legitmentaly amount of time on this flash and it payed off. The loading bar was plain and horrible, try and imrpove on that... Better luck on your future submissions...


You did your homework on this one.

This was a great little thing that you put together. It explains a lot and is very interesting. I VOTE 5!.....cause I don't wanna get beat up....

Like mi history class!!!!

This is a good one because it shows that the videogames arenĀ“t THAT bad and teaches a way of life