Reviews for "Explosioneer"

a venting suggestion

id just like to say that this game wasnt made for people with a laptop and no mouse

there should be a button that sets off vents at once - or even say J sets off the left side of the map K the middle and L the right... this would probably change the gameplay COMPLETELY htough but it would be a bit more inviting than click time click time it click time ti fail fail fail.. that way someone can start button smashing and still have the thought behind there head that they can time it right with the right button combonations

thats just a suggestion though - setting off vents with buttons on a certain part of the map

it was a fun game but when the 2 workers came in i just couldnt beat the level at all


funny concept but it doesnt work.

first of al some discs are way to hard to get. at lvl one when I didnt know about the double jump I thought it was pretty much impossible to get the disc. but okay returning is not thta bad, but pretty annoying to me.

further down the line it gets waay to hard, with multiple figures who had to be controloed at the same time.

the game itself wasnt really fun and without a normal learning curve it didnt invite me to play on when it got nearly impossible for me. I kinda like the concept, but it doesnt really play well. It all comes down to clicking at the right moment, there is no real puzzle (atleast till howfar I made it).

I could imagine how hard later levels are.

I finished the first set of levels and then I stopped it. there is no in game guide, no explanation on what is what. sure I can figure it out, but it is nicer if things are told.

all in all, well made, good controls (as far as clicking LMB goes) funny sounds and okay graphs, but just a very boring stupid game sorry to say.

score equals vote

Kawabanga...lol :P

Game could be great witchout all that yealling...I know it's suppose to be funny but...it's just annoying. Also gameplay could be a little bit faster. Overall game is really fun and good. Nice intro btw ;D

Actually pretty good

The only real problem is that, as others have said, it's really, REALLY hard to get the angle right, especially when you have to multi task 2/3 things at once. I'd suggest making guys slow down as they approach vents or add a bullet time button. Anyway... good game, but needs a lot of improvement.


good game, got very chalenging when the orbs came into play. good art and music