Reviews for "Explosioneer"

Oh god

The beginning set the tone, cowa bunga. Put me in a good mood. Good game.

ok review time

ok everyone might know the phrase 'everyones a critic' the game was fun totally original but it was way too reflex based game the red lines that move gets fast when it comes up to the middle but still a good game love it 8/10


It's to difficult for me hehe...^^ I can't pass the ultimate chicken level...

Then I've tried the editor and made an awesome map ;D
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never had so much fun creating my own map with an editor

also enjoyed the voice acting XD

GOOD GAME! Keep it up!

I dare you all!!

finish using a clit mouse !!!!

Nice concept

A fun and short game. I liked your originality, although the game does get a little too reflex-based.