Reviews for "Explosioneer"

Upvoted For Great Justice

The puzzle mechanics used here may be tried and true, but this is some good times right here. Challenging without being frustrating (unless you decide to collect the bonus discs), it's worth a solid hour at least.

Too difficult

It got boring very quickly, especially due to the difficulty level.
Even more so if I want the data disks - Some of them are placed in nigh-impossible-to-survive locations.
And if you die after getting one, well fuck, you have to get it again.

All in all, below average game.

Tooo dificult man-__-

Its soo hard man, i can't even start good in the 1st level, at lest you can move the mann with the arrows jeyboard, but its Funny!^_^

Fun and original, but...

Other than the fact that some of these levels, like Stairway to Heaven, are motherfucking impossible, the game was fun and original. Too many frustration points for me, though. I guess my reflexes suck.


awesome vid :)