Reviews for "Explosioneer"

It was nice

Very original concept and it was aesthetically pleasing and the sounds were quite nice, great work.
The only reason why I'm giving this a 9/10 rating, is because of the characters voices when you successfully exploded a vent and managed to make him fly across the room, they took away from the overall sci-fi feel of the game and were quite childish. Overall a great game though, nice work :)

Every week is mystery meat

Great game... Simple but it's still great. Thanks for this.


A really great idea...Graphics ..music and pretty much everything...Great game 10 out of 10


Really fun and creative game, a great timewaster!


I was extremely impressed at how fun this game managed to be, even though I could not understand it at first! It was great for SpikeVallentine to work on this, even though I could not recognize his artwork. This is a wonderfully original idea and I simply love how you do not even control the guy yourself, but rather the things that happen below him. I think it may be the first game I ever played, where the character did absolutely nothing at all but some other force did. The designs were simple, but also unique.