Reviews for "Explosioneer"

Good game, but ends up being atrociously difficult

I've only just gotten up to the 'one-shot vent' levels, and I've had enough..
The precision is too much really.
I spent maybe 20 min on 'Stairway to Heaven' and it's just too much.
Game idea is good, and should by no means be trashed, but it needs to be expanded on a bit more..
Good work though.

Good concept, needs to be a LOT more refined

The idea is solid, but the gameplay is just too unwieldy. WAAAAAY too difficult to time the jumps. And needing to do stuff like the double jump is difficult. If there were a better way to detonate the vents, this game would be a whoooole lot better.

Example, assign each vent a number. When you hold down the number, the vent is 'highlighted'. Pressing the number(s) and pressing another key (say, the space bar) would detonate the corresponding vent(s). Anyways, I hope to see the idea get more refined because it definitely has potential.


the chance for editing my own levels , I found very interesting.

Somebody Catch Me!

this game is SO much fun. however, as fun as it was, after the first six levels, i felt i had enough. it needed some more variety to keep me interested. perhaps a life bar that got depleted so that you had to be more careful. its a good game, but with a few more tweaks and additions to the core gameplay, it could be a highly addicting platformer.

Good concept but not 'practical'

I like the concept, but the precision required sometimes is so exact that it pisses one of. Additionally, a quick restart level button would be nice.