Reviews for "Explosioneer"

Very fun, but difficult & controls could use work.

First, the positive. I found the game to be quite fun and the voices added to the silly nature of using explosive vents for travel. The artwork was simplistic, but considering the large maps it was good.

Unfortunately, the game is marred by very high difficulty. It wouldn't be so bad were it not for the fact that you starting adding 2 workers in the levels starting with "After You", meaning that if the player managed to somehow get the rhythm perfectly and rescue one worker, they had to do almost the exact same thing again. This just adds unnecessary difficulty and frustration to the game as the player ends up wasting more time failing after successfully rescuing the first worker than had he simply failed from the start.

The controls could use a bit of work as well. As people have mentioned, players require a certain degree of mouse speed and coordination in order to navigate through the treacherous levels. This could be easily avoided by allowing the player to map individual vents with keyboard buttons that could then be pressed when one wished to.

If you make a second game, and I hope you do, please consider these suggestions. I realize there are those who enjoy playing very difficult games, but for the rest of us, please amp down the frustration and up the fun.

Final score: 4.5(voted twice) / 9

good game dude

its a little hard with the mens running that fast, but everything else is SOOOO great

hard and stupid:|

is to hard after a few levels...and is not good at all

difficulty ruins this

the controls are awkward and the time span for releasing the vents in a way to get the effect you want is way to short.
especially when those things that could kill you were added. it was just frustrating.

just finishing the levels took so many repeats and frustrating tries, that I didn't even bother with those little shiny bonus disks.

that alone is enough to call this a missed opportunity but then there is also the problem that the levels are not really hard when it comes to the mind, I mean you should be able to figure them out at the first glance, but the difficulty is just added through those split seconds you have to actually shoot your little guy in the right direction. together with his actually pretty slow movement and the mediocre controls beating the game becomes really a pain.

good luck on version 2, the potential is there.


the level with the first field switch, ITS IMPOSSIBLE !

I need 1 more vent on the one near the red vents . DAMMIT !