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Reviews for "Sydney Shark"

flying platypus

why, tell me why the platypus is flying? :O


Great game
The first kept acting a lil trippy and i had no porblems with this one
On that note, I stole some dudes hat in this game and i thought that was pretty funny. : P

Still awesome.

This game's sheer popularity is amazing. A worthy sequel.
Always keeping the unreasonable destruction, the airplane-take downs, and everything else fun.
I read somewhere that lightning kills more people then sharks, and more people die by drowning then by getting attacked by a shark. I guess it was false.

Secret medal: near the start, there is a hat floating on the water. If you go near it, you will wear it. If you make a small jump, it will pop up and back onto your head. If you make a huge jump, it will pop up, and land wherever. If you don't let it go off screen, and wear it until the end of the game, you get the medal.


and better than the first one but do make the trail longer please for more killing!

Best Game ever !

Really, this is an awesome Game !
Make more pls :D