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Reviews for "Sydney Shark"


this one is waaaay better!!!
with a fucking UFO
and a Russian nuclear missle XD
that ended the game when i pulled it down :P
really fun


Loved it, better thna the original MOre bloddy as it can be!

a small error

the first time i played i took down every helicopter and plane, but only got 4 achievements, tried the 2nd time and then i got the rest. still good game

better than miami

ihavent done only: passenger skydiver and kayak medals
secret medal is finish with the hat:just take it and stay down...

Perfect sequel to Miami Shark!

Awesome design; bringing down planes was my favourite part of Miami Shark and it's no different here. The new aircraft are hilarious I loved all the tongue in cheek references to Australia.

The gameplay is perfect for a Flash arcade style game. Simple but intuitive controls, fast paced and extremely fun.

I don't think the graphics or sound could be improved upon; everything is extremely polished. I especially liked the way the sound responded to the action in the game, very well thought out!