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Reviews for "Sydney Shark"

I forgot completly how this game is painful

for my finger.

I think it is probably the best masterpiece in the shark series.

It's also the first shark series game I've ever encountered, and it's still amazing to be able to bite an airplane! But when I press the down key quickly, my hand hurts so much ... Although it's a bit cruel, I love this game! UFO and Nuclear Rocket are awesome! How did you come up with this amazing idea? But nuclear rocket would have looked better if they had North Korea's flag painted, not China's.

Wiesi responds:

Thanks a lot for playing and reviewing! I think the reason why I put Chinas flag on the nuclear rocket was that I looked up on Google with whom Australia had problems and found out that there were some troubles betweens those two countries. But it's long ago and nowadays, I would've chose North Korea, just like you wrote.

i played this game back then. had a great time.

still did.

Haven't played this in a looooooong time. Just as fun as I remembered it to be.

got stuck on helicoptor