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Reviews for "Boss Rush"

Very good!

Nice concept, clean art! Great game!

A fantastic game.

I never competed level 11 but I checked out some of the other modes and wow. This is a awesome game! I like the way they are put together, the bosses that is and I think that if you kept it this way you could maybe make a "make your own boss" kinda thing? They would follow a template of the kinda things you have shown (crawler, large ship that transforms and so on). I loved it though. A online mode would be cool as well but i'm getting ahead of myself. xD

you must have your brain mounted upside down!

And that is a compliment my friend!

This is a lot of outside of the box thinking and I love it! I'm pretty sure this concept is unique and it's not only good on the paper, the realisation is very good as well. Ok, the frantic like graphics and the menus are a bit minimalist. But what a rich content! What an increadible A.I. ! So many different challenges and features! Seriously, with hotter graphics, this would be better than half the expensive minigames on PSN or XBoxLive!


Nice concept...I always wondered what it would feel to be a boss...It sucks being a boss...your too big and you can't dodge....Powerful weapons but lack of speed..No wonder we always win

Can I order one that'll stop some plumbers?

Lol, great game, loved it.

If ANY one complains it is too slow or anything, then they clearly didn't know what it meant to be a mother ship. They are slow, tough and can give and take a beating, if it was faster it would ruin the concept. At first I didn't like the art style, but it grew on me. And I loved that odd sound effect for the 2nd motherships main wep. and most of all VARIETY! man if you didn't have it this game would be a snooze fest.

One other thing I think you did missed was not even mentioning all the grunts getting slaughtered in front of your mother ship. Hell I don't want to play as them, but I think it would be fun to show them getting torn apart or a few to help you (a carrier mother ship?)

Keep up good work and look fowerd to a sequel.