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Reviews for "Boss Rush"


Nice concept...I always wondered what it would feel to be a boss...It sucks being a boss...your too big and you can't dodge....Powerful weapons but lack of speed..No wonder we always win

Love'd it.

Great game, great idea. I can't get over the "be the boss" idea, its great. 10/10. Fun game. Like someone else said. Awesome out of the box thinking.

you must have your brain mounted upside down!

And that is a compliment my friend!

This is a lot of outside of the box thinking and I love it! I'm pretty sure this concept is unique and it's not only good on the paper, the realisation is very good as well. Ok, the frantic like graphics and the menus are a bit minimalist. But what a rich content! What an increadible A.I. ! So many different challenges and features! Seriously, with hotter graphics, this would be better than half the expensive minigames on PSN or XBoxLive!

It was ok...

I enjoy the concept, but the game can look MUCH better. I don't like how sluggish everything feels. I understand this is trying to simulate the bosses of spaceship shooters, and the smaller ship should have some means to dodge the fire... but some of the bosses have some bad-ass weapons. Perhaps upgrades as the games gets harder. Maybe the sluggishness is 'why' we're the smaller more maneuverable ships in these shooters...


I cannot see any instruction or panel :-/