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Reviews for "Boss Rush"

Can I order one that'll stop some plumbers?

Lol, great game, loved it.

If ANY one complains it is too slow or anything, then they clearly didn't know what it meant to be a mother ship. They are slow, tough and can give and take a beating, if it was faster it would ruin the concept. At first I didn't like the art style, but it grew on me. And I loved that odd sound effect for the 2nd motherships main wep. and most of all VARIETY! man if you didn't have it this game would be a snooze fest.

One other thing I think you did missed was not even mentioning all the grunts getting slaughtered in front of your mother ship. Hell I don't want to play as them, but I think it would be fun to show them getting torn apart or a few to help you (a carrier mother ship?)

Keep up good work and look fowerd to a sequel.


the concept was awesome and it had a lot of good stuff but the controls are avkward on my keybord i would need 3 hands and the bosses was either slow or couldnt stop moving not rellay a story and the money thing didnt improve it

Bad game.

Kind of cool concept, but it was too slow. Plus, it ticked me off that you asked for money.


i thought it was awesome how you could be a boss like ship, it moved like i expected it too, with huge weapons and moved slower than the enemy ships. I also liked that if you took enough damage you got a super powerful frontal beam attack. Nice work.

BIG let down!

I've always wanted to be one of the bad ass bosses in some of these space shooting games and when I found out that is this once I could I was like "FINALLY! Time to turn the tables..." That is until I played the game and found out whay a HUGE let down it was.

Granted the 2 boss ships I played looked pretty bad ass and have some great weapons but they are so damn SLOW! I mean in the games that I played the bosses could move just as fast as the player's ship so that the player could not fly circles around them...not so in this game you move like a snail with a brick attached to your shell and THAT IS SLOW!!!

I'd make it so that as you progressed though the levels your speed increased, or that you could incres you speed little by litte in the game, or ever have a speed burst that you could use from time to time so that you could match up with the ships your trying to destroy. I played only 2 levels with each of the 2 ships I had and after I failed on each of them 5 times I just said "Screw this!" This is just as bad as the games I played where the deck was stacked agaist me as the player.

Make the "Boss" ships faster, give them some kind of uber weapon that allows them to fill the playing area with bullets, and allow them to collect the power ups instead of lettingg them pass through--to give the "player" easy access to pick them up--and I might try this again.