Reviews for "Talesworth Adventure Ep.1"

This is an excellently crafted game

For those stuck trying to get the gem on the 2nd to last level, you should check to see if any pieces you can use are ALREADY on the field. I still haven't figured out how to use this extra piece to allow me to get the gem, but it's the only way I can see if this thing possibly working at all.

I've gotten every other gem and already killed the dragon, so this is the only part i have before I'll have completed this thing.


very clever. Great game to play when your stoned. Buen trabajo!

i finish the game

well awesome and easy but where the two gems? otherwise good game
im addicted and i finish the game for 3 days men that was awesome


its entertaining and not at some points could use a little improvements puts your mind to work i recommend this to anyone who likes puzzles or likes a mind boggling game!

I love it!

I love the original idea, I love the awesome 8-Bit style, I love the annoyingly catchy music and I love that it gets seriously challenging later on. So, in summary, your game gets my first ever 10-star review here on Newgrounds :-D
Also, I'm definitely a Questy fanboy now. I want Questy T-Shirts, Questy coffee mugs, Questy underwear, Questy condoms, a Questy breakfast cereal.... oh, and most importantly: MOAR QUESTY GAMES NAO!!!11!11one