Reviews for "Talesworth Adventure Ep.1"


incredible game dude. epic ending scene =D the puzzles were just right not too hard not too easy 10/10 5/5 congratulations

Good Game

A little hard to get how it works, but after that the game became easy =P
I really like it, you really get the D&D Paper maps graphic =D
There are some levels that I didn't use all the loots golds or the one-way-gates

Anyway, great game.
10/10 5/5

Smart, enjoyable game

I really enjoyed this game - the puzzles are well thought out and while challenging it's not hair-pullingly frustrating. The level designs are smart and the medal system and clever use of the thief makes for a degree of replay factor. I suppose it could be argued that the graphics and music are basic, but if anything they add to the charm of the game. The only other criticism is that I wish it were longer! I'm looking forward to a sequal.

Very good puzzle game

That was exceptionally extraordinary for a puzzle game. In most puzzle games when I get stumped, I quit (rage quit that is). But when I play this, the way you solve it allows you to guess and check, and that's what I'm good at. I click go, see where he goes (because I'm too lazy (or dull) to think out the path), and fix the problem when he dies. This potentially makes the puzzle game an easy one, but I disagree (with myself lol). There were still a few levels where I did something I would never ever do, it was completely outside of the box. The last level was very entertaining too. I guessed and checked like 10 to 15 times, then got to see the most horribly put-together animation ever! But I really appreciated it, most puzzle games are like, "Hey there you go, you won, great. Play my sequel?" It basically added a story finisher to a story of which I had forgotten existed. Yeah, perhaps you should add reminders mid-way through the game or something? I forgot entirely why I was trying to get to the exit, but I kept on going nonetheless because of how addicting it is.

Uh, yeah, it's a very good puzzle game.

One of the best games I've played here in a while!

I love games like this one. It's nice to use my brain here for a change. Most stuff on NG doesn't challenge ones logic much. In fact most of the stuff makes me dizzy and sleepy if I play it to long. This one requires some concentration.

Some levels were very challenging. I personally think the one were you had to kill the monster with that rock was the hardest. As far as I remember it was after the one in which the thief appeared for the first time. It was fucking confusing, even the second time I did it. Yet I think the whole game could have been somewhat harder.

The 8-bit art is great, reminds me of my childhood and great games like monkey island. Whatever, I like almost everything about this. The only thing that I think is unnecessary and a little annoying is the 5 resets medal. It's just a bunch of work noone wants to do.

Can't wait for the second episode. Maybe you'll insert some new obstacles?