Reviews for "Talesworth Adventure Ep.1"


The creativity here is beyond belief! I havent been so into a game since chip's challenge. The stunning grasp of fantasy and strategy gives this game a distinct feel (and kept me occupied for hours!) It goes to show, graphics arent what a game needs, its all about the gameplay. It would be nice to see a sequal though, maybe toss in a few more obstacles or maybe in-movement tools (maybe a trigger bomb?) Keep up the good work! Dare i say it? Perfect score!

Loved it

Kept me busy for a while thanks

Nice and challenging

I enjoyed this a lot. It is heavy in theme and presents a very consistent play experience. The later levels had my brain smoking. I don't often rate 10s, but I think this one deserves it. The graphics and sound are amusing.

The only suggestion I would have (which may knock the score down to 9.5 but not 9) is to make the arrows clearer when they are obstructed by a monster or treasure. Perhaps there could be a button to hide all obstacles and treasures so you can see the board itself.

Good job on this.


Pretty cool.

Old yet entertaining!

It certainly has that retro feeling, but the puzzles are challenging.