Reviews for "Talesworth Adventure Ep.1"

Great Puzzler

Great concept, awesome design, and near perfect difficulty (starts off ez, then gets pretty dam hard).
I especially like how it is a lot more challenging to get all the gems, and it makes the game that much more addictive.

The only thing I can critic on is the graphics. But I really don't care.
10/10, 5/5


incredible game dude. epic ending scene =D the puzzles were just right not too hard not too easy 10/10 5/5 congratulations

Awesome puzzle game!

This game is probably the best adventure puzzle game I have every played, granted i haven't played very many but I love the fact that you keep introducing new obstacles, I thought u were done at the goblins but then BAM boulders, then BAM thieves etc. etc. really keeps you thinking. also the 8 bit style graphics work really well.

In conclusion, great mental workout and a great game. 10/10

very chalinging

very cool game

Awesome adventure game.

What if the game Chip's Challenge was expanded on with more creative puzzles, point and click adventure style graphics, art and gameplay? You'd get something like this. It's the kind of game that sucks you in and won't let you lose untill you're done. You get a very satisfying feeling when you beat a level but it NEVER feels dummed down. You know you've got a great puzzle game on your hands when it's challenging but you never get frustered. I consider that an adventure game success in my book. Also, the art and music is the best I've ever seen/heard. It's not like those other games that 'imitate' 8 bit styles. It seriously pulls you in like its the 90s all over again. However, the tutorial can be little pesky. But that's no big deal. The only thing a game is missing is a level editor. It would go great with Time Fcuk, the music creating game and others.

So here's my summary: An awesome adventure game. Play 'er now.