Reviews for "Talesworth Adventure Ep.1"


its really fun


Great Game!!
I was wondering, I completed a level optimally (collecting the gem) without using all the items (level: who does the dirty work?) Is it possible for more than one level? Or is the design of the levels supposed to prevent this?


creative and very addicting puzzle game :D
i might play this for hours, really really fun

I love it!

I love the original idea, I love the awesome 8-Bit style, I love the annoyingly catchy music and I love that it gets seriously challenging later on. So, in summary, your game gets my first ever 10-star review here on Newgrounds :-D
Also, I'm definitely a Questy fanboy now. I want Questy T-Shirts, Questy coffee mugs, Questy underwear, Questy condoms, a Questy breakfast cereal.... oh, and most importantly: MOAR QUESTY GAMES NAO!!!11!11one


ITS OK ...