Reviews for "Talesworth Adventure Ep.1"


Nice game. Good length. And good build up in difficulty

Ten outta ten.

I thought it was a pretty innovative way to get through a dungeon.

At times, I kinda wanted to skip a level because it looked like there was absolutely no way to get past it because of that man-crushing boulder.

When I saw the thief, I thought he was going to be in a lot more puzzles with me and become the helpful factor to beat levels. Kinda disappointed there.

Every time I went to the map, it lagged for a bit. One thing that could've helped in the map is a jewel icon right next to the star or something.

I hope you make a sequel. If there is a sequel, I'd like more use of the thief or another helper or something. I abused that reset button to a few over 200 times. Didn't realize there was a medal for not using it. Overall, it was fun.

Great game!

Hint: If you want all the gems, you need to make the thief fall into the pit in the room you first meet him. He then wont steal one of the gems.

Also you might want to go to the bonus rooms, they have gems in them

i finish the game

well awesome and easy but where the two gems? otherwise good game
im addicted and i finish the game for 3 days men that was awesome


Very goog game, I enjoyed playing it a lot
I stumbled upon a few more bugs though:
-In the level before the dragon, you can make Questy to leave through the door where the thief is originally supposed to go (you can distract him with loot bags). It'll make Questy stuck on that one tile though.
-In the last level, there is one "T" crossroad with no arrow in it.
-In the last level, you can stuck the bulder behind the dragon, destroying the red ogre and making the level very easy to pass.

Also, it would be nice if you make the map show you in which level have you collected the gems already, I wanted to return for some later, but it was hard to search for them.