Reviews for "Talesworth Adventure Ep.1"

Tricky and Methodical (just my type)

This scratches a little bit of my Chu Chu Rocket itch. Cool variety in the puzzles.

luved it

Flawless. Top notch, I just had a great time playing this game. With it's easy to understand statagy elements, and the excellent pixels and animation, this is the perfect example of how every flash game should be. Great work 10/10 5/5


I'm never certain which direction the character is going to travel. Is he going to bypass that slot in the wall or continue forward? I don't know. Even when I think I've got it figured out the character travels a defferent direction from what I'd expect. I can only say don't attempt to plan his direction it won't work.
Other than that it is a decent game. Worth playing the first few levels if you like puzzles.

Simple Love

I have always been a fan of games where you can get so much amusement from such a simple concept that can be expanded upon. I LOVE this game its so uniquely...simple. Nuff said.


Cool game, and its diferent than usual!
I love this games were u actually have to think (and there were a couple that were really hard)
But the last level was 2 easy.... trap the stone so that it kills the red guy as quick as possible and put questy on that circle were the stone was and bag right after the red guy so that he turns avoiding the dragon fire and closes the door after that just get the sword (a total of 3 bags and a door, 4 bags with the diamond)
Well good luck