Reviews for "Talesworth Adventure Ep.1"

Really liked It

I enjoy puzzle games. I like ones like this where you have to think through it but its not necessarily that hard. Getting the right sequence is kind of like making a computer code.

I love 8 bit animation. And the final scene was cool.
That bit with the thief had me fooled ;-)

Not a fan

Now much of a fan of puzzle games but the fact that it reminded me of the old final fantasy in style made it not like other puzzle games. It's interesting yet hard. You should consider creating another genre of game with this style. Perhaps Rpg?

of the greatest puzzle games seen on NG!

I must say, i've played a huge portion of the puzzle games on NG and it's not difficult for me to say that this is perhaps the best yet.

I cannot understand how there can be anyone to give less than 10/10!

Amazing job, well done. Great choice of theme and well kept with sounds and graphics. Difficulty of game is just the way i like it ;-)

difficult but fun

its not often that i play a puzzle game that is this much fun. after the first few tutorial levels, you know how the game works and what you have to do, so i never felt like the game was hard because a flaw in the game mechanics, it was honestly difficult, a real challenge. every puzzle has a solution, but they aren't transparent, you have to really think it out and see all the possibilities. my favorite level had to be the 3rd bonus map, OMG i had such a hard time on that one. had to give up and come back later. but i didn't give up, which is a testament to how fun this game was. i didn't want to just give up and say i can;t do it. i wanted to at least try, and i had fun doing it. plus, you get a real sense of accomplishment when it's all over. one thing: i wish there had been a little bit more after you kill the dragon, not just that screen with text. the 8-bit dragon kill sequence was fantastic, but i wish there would have been a little more story or something after the end. but that's minor. 10/10 excellent work.

it was okay

I think the game was interesting 3/5