Reviews for "Talesworth Adventure Ep.1"

super fun game that got really tough at points...
My only complaint is:
a) even if sped up, questy runs too slowly
b)medals dont seem to be working.

great job, though! :)

Finally, something that feeds both my love of RPG's and puzzle-games simultaneously!

Having thoroughly enjoyed the sequel I came to give the original a go. It's certainly nice to see that pretty much all of the criticisms I would have given have already been fixed! Particularly that "only 5 resets" medal, practically insists the player go straight to the walkthrough (such medals are best reserved for action games)!

Level length (slowness), graphics, puzzle difficult, bonus gem/etc; everything is improved and more balanced in the sequel already! Great stuff!

I rather liked that. It was a fun little puzzle game that made you have to think thoroughly about the path Questy was taking. I thought that the limited range of items you could place (there were only two) made it a little limited challenge-wise though. Once you'd figured out how they worked, which for me was pretty early, there wasn't a great deal of thinking to be done on most of the levels. I think that adding more elements which you could place could have made this game more of a challenge as a number of the levels felt too much like more of the same but with a different layout.

I liked the huge pixelated dragon on the menu screen, despite being so big it still looked nice despite the pixel style. I was a little put off by the pixelated Newgrounds logo though, it just looked too much like a low quality stretched image. I thought that the pixel approach to the game could have been taken further. Objects like the loot and axes clearly were done in this style, but the floor and walls didn't seem to be. It would have been nicer if all the graphics blended together with the same theme.

The sound effects and music were very fitting for the game but I thought that the volume level was too quiet. Even with my volume set to 100% I couldn't hear the game particularly well.

I don't really have any complaints about the gameplay, for what it was everything was nicely ironed out. I didn't like how the text boxes remained after you'd read through them though. Couldn't you have allowed them to be closed? While they weren't blocking any of the pathway, they still took up a lot of space on the screen.

I thought that when new ideas like the boulders and arrows killing enemies were introduced you could have explained this a little better. Playing these levels at first was too much like 'I wonder if this does this. It must do this. It's the only solution. I'll try it. Oh I was right.' While that's an enjoyable experience, it seemed like there was perhaps a little too much of that going on. I was disappointed to only see the thief in one level as well. He may have been killed off, but you could have had different thieves included in some of the later levels.

There was no mention of how far Questy could see the loot until the later levels (it turned out his range was unlimited). While it wasn't necessary for the earlier levels it still would have been nice to know as this was a question on my mind until I reached the purple levels.

A few of the titles seemed to suck the challenge out of a number of levels as they gave the puzzle away far too easily. 'Remember where you put it' was one such example. It might have been more fun for the person playing the game to realise that they overlooked the axe's new position through trial and error rather than being given such information before they even began to consider the solution.

This game reminded me of Lode Runner what with the top down view of a dungeon, item collecting and creature slaying.

Great game!! --But I did earn all of the medals and just the medal "noob test" appears in my page. Help me!! I want my medals! (PM me, plz)